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An Intensive ESL and Comprehensive University Prep Boarding School for International Students Looking to Apply to & Attend an Excellent US University

The University Center Delivers:

  • Excellent English language instruction with measurable improvements to IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/ACT scores and performance
  • Expert advising and planning in college selection, application, and degree focus with top advisors and partners from our University Consortium
  • Workshops on writing college application essays, preparing for interviews
  • Broad cultural immersion in a 24/7 language learning experience with the welcoming support of a dedicated and experienced staff
  • Regular immersive interactions with American students, industry experts, and community leaders
  • Partnerships with excellent schools in our University Consortium
  • Introduction to important global academic degree areas of study (such as IT; engineering; medical, business and design technologies)
  • Early college course credit from university partners - up to 16 credits!
  • Comfortable, newly renovated living environment with fitness center, cafeterias, coffee shop, and courtyards
  • Tours of university campuses and many famous sites of beautiful and historic New England
TUC Courtyard
Young Uni Prep student studying

Located in the Heart of New England, our campus is near Boston, New York City, Philadelphia & Washington D.C., accessible by air, train, bus & car

  • Near top US universities (Yale, Harvard, University of Connecticut, MIT, Wesleyan, Brown, Columbia)
  • Top ranked state in school excellence and academics
  • Secure, private campus
  • International food service
  • Award-winning local amenities
  • Located near Fortune 500 companies and major universities
  • Modern, renovated 367,000 sq.ft. hi-tech living and learning center
  • Newly designed dorm rooms and facilities
  • Fitness center and basketball court gym
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