Uni Prep Students
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About Us

Founded by a dedicated team of international educators with over 25 years of experience working with prestigious American universities and language schools, The University Center is designed to raise the admissions qualifications of international students in order to open greater opportunities for attending top universities in the USA.

The mission of The University Center is to be a comprehensive, dynamic and multifaceted center for international education in order to help non-native English speakers and professionals working with such students achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. TUC accomplishes this mission by providing:

  • Excellent, fully engaging English language instruction with measurable results
  • Comprehensive, personalized university preparation, including expert college counseling and exposure to academic degree areas
  • Enriching, immersive cross-cultural experiences and exchanges
  • Exceptional, welcoming support services
  • High quality, modern housing accommodations
  • Hi tech, state-of-the-art facilities