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The University Center helps
Potential students and their families tour the campus of Wake Forest University led by Mark Hoover from the Office of Admissions on Wednesday, July 25, 2012.

The College Application Process

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the USA, with hundreds of programs/majors of study. The University Center is designed to help international students navigate through this vast system, discover the emerging career and academic paths that interest them, showcase their accomplishments, find the schools that are the “best fit” for them, and walk them through the process of applying to those schools.

We do this with expert advisors, as well as experienced university partners, who:

  • Regularly advise students in one-on-one and small group sessions
  • Provide insights into emerging academic and career paths
  • Help students explore their academic interests, as well as their school preferences (big or small university; urban or rural location; etc.)
  • Inform students of schools that fit their interests and preferences
  • Provide tours of university campuses in the Northeast
  • Lead workshops on writing the college application essay and practicing for an oral interview
  • Introduce students to university admissions directors and faculty from partner schools
  • Assist students in completing applications for their top school choices

TUC has a University Consortium of partner schools – mostly from Connecticut and New England – who come to campus and help our students with this process. Some of these universities even offer “Conditional Letters of Admission” for students who meet their academic requirements but do not yet meet their English or SAT requirements.

The University Center helps students raise their college admissions qualifications, select and get into great universities in the USA.