The University Center (TUC) Partners with Goodwin College

The University Center has partnered with Goodwin College, a not-for-profit school in East Hartford, Connecticut, to deliver excellent, intensive English language instruction. Through collaboration between the faculties at both institutions, we have created a unique English language-learning curriculum that delivers measurable improvements to TOEFL/IELTS, as well as increased English-speaking confidence. This close partnership even provides advanced level TUC students with opportunities to earn early college course credit from Goodwin College while enrolled at The University Center. In fact, Goodwin College offers guaranteed full admission to students who complete The University Center program. TUC graduates may complete their entire bachelor’s degree at Goodwin, or may choose to begin at Goodwin College and then transfer their college credits to another university. Whichever path TUC graduates choose, they will be prepared to earn their degree in 4 years or less.

How Our Partnership Works

Goodwin College partners with The University Center to deliver English language instruction and issue the language training I-20s for student visa application. Goodwin provides

  • Experienced ESL faculty and English language instruction; and
  • Opportunities for advanced-level TUC students to enroll in credit-bearing college courses.

The University Center provides additional instruction in academic and American culture; academic and college advising; cross-cultural and residential programming; and wrap-around support services – all in an immersive, 24/7 language and culture learning experience.

“Goodwin College has always believed in the importance of solid support services, so that students not only succeed in their chosen academics, but also become self-advocates in their own educations. We welcome a diverse student population and encourage thinking that benefits the greater community as well as the individual student.”

Mark Scheinberg, President of Goodwin College

If you have any questions about Goodwin College’s excellent academic degree programs, we would be happy to connect you with a Goodwin College Advisor.