The Value of University Prep for International Students

Why should international students spend 4 or 8 months in a university preparatory program at The University Center? Our university prep program increases academic and cultural competency, saves time and money, enhances admissions qualifications, and prepares students to get more out of their US university experience.

According to the latest statistics from IPEDS (to which all American universities must report), over 50% of international students studying in the USA take longer than necessary to complete their bachelor’s degrees. (Many "pathway” students are probably taking longer, based on preliminary evidence, but universities are not required to report these graduation rates.)

A bachelor’s degree in the USA should take 4 years to complete. Most international students are taking 5 or 6 years. Why? Experts say it’s because of poor preparation, advising and planning.

And in the USA, just one extra year can cost over $60,000.


At the University Center, Students Receive

Comprehensive preparation (intensive English language instruction with a 24/7 cultural immersion learning experience);

Personal advising (in university selection, application and academic degree focus); and

Strategic planning (including early college course credit)

So that they earn their bachelor’s degrees in 4 years or less.

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Why University Prep?